Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Review: Oliver The Cat Who Saved Christmas by Sheila Norton

Publisher: Random House
Rating: 5*

I, Jan, normally read from within the Crime/Mystery/Thriller genres, but chose this book as it was one I felt my daughter Samantha and I could both read, enjoy and review.  This is our joint review of Oliver, the Cat Who Saved Christmas – from a forty-something year old’s point of view and a 12 year old’s.

Review from Jan G.

This delightful story made me feel like the cat who got the cream!

When Oliver’s home is taken by fire, his life changes completely.  But he discovers that the fire at the pub has changed life for the whole village, not just him.  He wants to help and sets about doing so in his own special way.

This heart-warming tale of a little cat made me laugh out loud numerous times and smile frequently.   The story is told by Oliver himself in a manner that felt believable (considering it was a cat telling a story!)  The human characters, as well as the animals, are well crafted and described.  There is a fine attention to detail and nice cat-descriptions (such as children described as human kittens, hands being paws etc.) that anyone who has ever had a cat will enjoy and appreciate.  But it’s not just a book for cat lovers, all who enjoy the company of animals will enjoy Oliver.  The pace of the book is very good, padding along smoothly and evenly, just like a cat, to its ultimate conclusion.

Will Oliver save Christmas?  Can a cat really do that?  Well, I suggest you read this charming book and find out.  I can honestly say I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Review from Samantha G.

This is the story of a cat who was introduced to us humans more and more as the book goes on, and although he didn’t really understand half of what was going on, he solved everyone else’s problems. The book is written in the point of view of a cat, adored by the public, telling a story to you. It certainly seems that way until you realise it’s actually a kitten he’s talking to. As the story goes on we learn more about Oliver, the kitten, the other cats, and all the human inhabitants. This book makes you laugh a lot with things like ‘Us cats don’t get the respect we deserve sometimes’, and Oliver adds little comments all over the book that made me smile.

In the end, you’re left with a feeling of satisfaction when everything comes together, and you no longer wonder in every turn of the page…  How does that cat save Christmas?!

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