Sunday, 29 November 2015

Review: Rescue Me, Maybe by Jackie Bouchard

Publisher: Amazon Lake Union

Rating: 4.5*

Jane’s husband just died, and she lost her precious dog shortly thereafter, but she is keeping something secret from those nearest to her – she’s more broken up about the pooch!

Maybe she would have told her closest friends but she’s not living in her hometown of San Diego.  Instead she’s still in Philadelphia where she lived with her husband but never really settled. Even though everyone says one shouldn’t make any sudden changes when recently widowed, Jane feels this is exactly the right time for her to make the move home.

But life has other plans for her.  Her aunt and uncle need her.

The thought of helping to look after a B & B, and its customers, makes Jane shudder (she’s really not a people person!).  However it will help fill in the time while she looks for a new job and being there for family is important to her.  So she heads off to Prescott, Arizona, meeting a stray dog in a rest stop on the way.  She can’t leave her there all alone but can’t bear to let another dog get into her heart so takes her to a nearby rescue.  What will become of the beautiful pup?

This is Jane’s story: a time of changes, self-analysis and new adventures while dealing with a huge range of mixed emotions at her recent losses.  It’s a story about the past, the present and the future and all the planned, and unplanned, things that happen along the way.

As the reader I found this book highly entertaining, engaging and funny.  The characters are well written and described, some more likeable than others but all people I’d love to meet.  Even though Jane’s situation at times is quite a sad one, it is most definitely not a tragedy and there are plenty of comic moments all the way through.  Jane’s lists, the “signs” and the titling of the chapters in the book are nice additional features that I really enjoyed.

This is definitely a book that dog lovers will connect with.  Anyone who’s had a pet can appreciate what Jane feels and goes through.  So who rescues who?  Read and find out – Maybe!

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Reviewed for MCT by Jan G.


  1. Nice review Jan. This looks like one I would really like.

    1. Jan's reviews are superb, and everyone loves a furry story.